The Amal Group is one of the largest Somali companies in the Somali money transfer (Remittance) business with a worldwide network of agencies in USA, UK, Middle East, Africa and Australia. Amal Express, the flagship brand, was commenced in 1997 from the amalgamation of 13 individual hawala firms. In merging their capital and human resources, the founders of Amal Group succeeded in establishing solid financial and management base within Somalia and internationally, putting Amal Group in the lead in the money transfer business.

The Amal Group is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The trading company enters into a correspondent relationship with appointed agents in jurisdictions where the target customer communities live. In the UK, Amal Group has appointed Amal UK Limited as one of its appointed agents in the UK.

The Company along with other companies in the industry remains to be lifeline for millions of Somalis in Somalia and in refugee camps, all of who are dependent on their relatives in the Diaspora for their livelihood


Amal UK Limited has ongoing clearinghouse agreement with Amal Express General Trading Company LLC based in Dubai and offices in East Africa and other parts of the world. This clearinghouse agreement states clearly the rights and obligations of each party and ensures effective service to our esteemed clients of both sides.


Amal Express Money Transfer Ltd is member of UK Money Transfer Association.